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2023 Toyota GR Corolla: Specs and Overview

Toyota GR Corolla

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The Toyota GR Corolla is a new sensation in the Toyota sporting scene after the GR Yaris made great milestones in previous rally events. For the GR Corolla, most of it’s inspiration is based from the GR Yaris. The GR Corolla is a 4-door hatchback/sport compact and is a market competitor to Honda Civic Si, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Jetta GLI. To an extent, you can say it can also challenge the Honda Civic Type R and Volkswagen Golf R.

Toyota GR Corolla

Interior and Exterior of the Toyota GR Corolla

The Toyota GR Corolla shares most of its cabin characteristics with the standard Corolla hatchback only that the GR has a sporty touch. Some of the GR features are;

Source| CarWow
  • Fabric sports seats that give a sporty feel to the interior.
  • 8.0 inch display.( Android auto and Apple car play).
  • Wireless smartphone charging pad.
  • Onboard WiFi hotspot.
  • Dash navigation system.
  • Heated seats and steering wheel.
  • 5 passenger capacity.
  • Automatic climate control.
  • Aluminum pedal covers.
  • Smart key system and keyless entry.
  • 6-way adjustable driver’s seat.
  • Start-Stop push button.
  • 8-speaker JBL Stereo system.

The exterior look of the GR Corolla is sporty with additional curves and aerodynamics. In some aspects, it might also seem like a GR Yaris.

Source| CarWow
  • A wheelbase of 103.9 inches.
  • Length: 173.6 inches.
  • Width: 72.8 inches.
  • Height: 57.2 inches.

Engine and Transmission

  • 6- speed manual transmission front engine.
  • Turbocharged 3-liter engine.
  • 300 hp @6500 rpm.
  • Torque: 273 lb-ft @3000 rpm.
  • AWD system.

The GR-four system allows drivers to choose different power distribution modes. 60/40 front-to-rear split can be used for normal day-to-day driving. 30/70 front-to-rear split is best for drifting and the 50/50 split option helps to gain maximum traction for racing.

Source| CarWow

To purchase a unit, you might have to part with an average of Ksh 4.5 Mill. Based on the GR Yaris performance, it’s clear that the GR Corolla is an upgraded unit in the upcoming sports and rally events. What are your thoughts?

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