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8 Simple and Affordable Tips to Save you Major Maintenance Costs


1. Clean your car regularly

Cleaning your car has more benefits other than keeping it attractive. Dirt accumulation on your car’s exterior interferes with the coating. As dirt clusters on the car’s body, corrosion starts, and over time, the coating might chip off and lose its original texture. When corrosion progresses to the bottom of your car, some parts begin rusting and this can damage essential car parts. Additionally, if you are planning to sell your car, note that rust and poor coating reduce the car’s resale value. Don’t forget to clean your interior too, wipe dirt from the dashboard and other lenses. Wash the car mats well and ensure that they are dry before putting them back in.  If there are spills, wipe them or wash them off if needed.

As a plus, you can wax the car’s exterior as it preserves the paint job by slowing oxidation and an extra shine will definitely turn heads.

Source: Daivin auto centre

2. Drive carefully

As you start driving, accelerate slowly and increase your momentum over time. Fast acceleration adds wear to the engine. In short stopovers especially in traffic, shift to neutral to give the engine some resting time.

3. Park in the shade

Parking in the shade preserves your car paint job and prevents damage to the interior by UV rays. If you frequently park in open spaces prone to sun exposure, use a car shade to minimize the sun’s impact.

4. Inspect your tires

Check your tire pressure at regular intervals and ensure they match the recommended pressure. Additionally, don’t forget to check the wheel alignment of your car for a smooth drive. (For more info about wheel alignment, check past articles). In case of uneven tire wear, you can also check if your car has worn out shock absorbers,  brakes, or a bent wheel.  Furthermore,  you can rotate your tires to ensure that they wear at an even pace.

Source: Daivan auto centre

5. Check your battery

It is advisable to test and clean your car battery terminals at least twice a year. Battery corrosion may develop a crack or bulge which indicates poor battery health and might lead your battery to malfunction leaving you stranded. To prolong your battery life, clean its terminals by wiping them with a deterrent or damp cloth.

6. Change the engine oil and filter regularly

Source: Daivin auto center

Change your oil regularly to flush abrasive dirt and metal particles from the engine. Change the oil filters to prevent build-up of oil and dirt particles that might affect your air conditioning system by mixing with clean oil. Replacing oil filters also prevents pollutants from coming through the vents. It’s advisable to check your oil filters at least yearly.

7. Check your coolant

Parts from the heater, air conditioner, and radiator to the water pump are affected by a coolant and it’s best to change your coolant twice a year. If you don’t change your coolant on time, corrosion might start inside your car.

8. Clean your car engine

For a smooth ride, at least wash your engine yearly. A clean engine eases your ability to spot leaks that need fixing. You can take your engine for a professional steam cleaning or do it yourself. While cleaning, protect sensitive engine components like the distributor, air intake, and electric parts from getting drenched. Use a grease-cutting detergent and a bristle brush to scrub the engine and rinse thoroughly when done.



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