Mobius Motors Venture Into Electric Mobility with New Motorcycle


Mobius Motors Kenya has ventured into the Electric Mobility space by announcing plans to start by assembling an electric motorcycle in partnership with battery swapping technology specialist STIMA and India’s leading electric motorcycle manufacturer One Electric.

Mobius Motors, Kenya’s automotive company was founded in 2011 to build vehicles specifically for the African market. Mobius has achieved great milestones with the launch of the first-generation Mobius II and Mobius 3

Mobius Motors Workshop

Mobius Motors CEO, Joel Jackson stated that they are excited to partner with STIMA and One Electric to bring affordable and sustainable electric mobility solutions to Kenya and the rest of Africa. He added that the partnership would help Mobius accelerate the deployment of electric motorcycles in Kenya and create jobs and opportunities for local businesses.

As explained by Mobius Motors, this partnership will play a key role in boosting the deployment of electric motorcycles in Kenya. Likewise, local value creation will be enhanced and employment opportunities will be created.

This move comes as Kenya continues to embrace electric vehicles and motorbikes. This also is part of Mobius Motors’ wider e-mobility expansion plan as the Company sets its sights on the e-mobility segment. with an aim of making e-mobility affordable to Africans.

The electric motorcycle to be assembled by Mobius Motors will be known as the One Electric One, a 125cc motorcycle with a range of up to 100 kilometers. The motorcycle will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be swapped in minutes at STIMA’s battery swapping stations.

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