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What is the Difference and Similarity Between the Land Rover Defender and Range Rover 2022 Model


For a long period, Range Rover and Land Rover Defender retained the looks of their units till recently when the newer models were launched. The Land Rover got a total body-to-remodel design whereas the Range Rover got a unique tail light design. The interiors were improved too and the discovery got way more advanced features than the past units while the Range Rover’s interior got a slight improvement. In this article, we explore the differences and similarities between these two vehicle models.

Land Rover Defender 110 S P300. |SOURCE -CLUB LAND ROVER RECTIFIC|

From this article, you’re going to see some of the similarities and differences between the Land Rover vs the Range Rover.

SOURCE. Range Rover Trend


  • Both are in 4WD and AWD ranges.
  • They share the same fuel type i.e petrol.
  • Have a seating capacity of 5 to 7 passengers.
  • The steering is electric power-assisted.
  • Both have brake assist.
  • Both are 8-speed automatic transmissions with the option of sport mode and paddle shift in the Range Rover and the option of manual override and sport mode in the Land Rover defender.
  • They have an electronic stability program.
  • Hill descent control.
  • A traction control system is fitted in both cars.
  • Both have engine immobilizers.
  • 360° parking assist camera with front and rear parking sensors.
  • Electronic differential lock.
  • Rear brake ventilated discs.

The Land Rover comes in two body options; 110 (4 doors) and 90 ( 2 doors).


  • The Land Rover has a 225 mm ground clearance while the Range Rover has a ground clearance of 219 mm.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the Range Rover is 90 l while that of the Land Rover Defender is 88.5 l.
  • Mileage consumption of the Land Rover Defender is 8.7 km per liter whereas that of the Range Rover is 10.53 km.
  • Power: 300hp @5500 rpm for the Land Rover defender whereas it’s 394hp @5500 for the Range Rover.
  • The max torque of the Land Rover Defender is 400 Nm @1500rpm while that of the Range Rover is 550 Nm @2000rpm.
  • The Land Rover Defender is a 2.0 l turbocharged 14 wheelbase 2587 mm while the Range Rover is a P 400 Ingenium turbocharged 16 petrol MHEV with a wheelbase of 2454mm.
  • The minimum turning radius of the Land Rover Defender is longer than that of the Range Rover i.e 5.65m and 5.48m respectively.
  • Land Rover engine type is 1997 cc, 4 cylinders in line,4 valves, DOHC whereas the Range Rover is 2996 cc, 6 cylinders inline, 4 valves, DOHC.
  • Land Rover Defender has 6 airbags (2 curtain airbags and one each at the front and side of the first row). Range Rover has 4 airbags (one each at the front and side of the first row).
  • The Land Rover Defender has a double wishbone with coil springs on the front suspension while the Range Rover has SLA double wishbone with a virtual swivel axis and split lower arm electronic air suspension with a dynamic response on the front.
  • The rear suspension of the Land Rover Defender has multi-link with coil springs whereas the Range Rover has an S-link axle, and electronic air suspensions with a dynamic response.

Furthermore, the Range Rover has a longer and wider body than the Land Rover defender however, the Land Rover defender has a longer height.

With the summarized comparisons, what do you think of both units and what do you have to add? We would really appreciate your comments in the comments section below. Additionally, you can watch a detailed video on the difference between the two vehicles on YouTube. Simply click here to follow the link.

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  • How comes a range rover with a bigger engine 2996cc do 10.5km/l while it’s counterpart with 1997cc do 8.7km despite being smaller (land rover) is it because of the torque? (Range rover 550Nm compared to 400Nm of the Land Rover)

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