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Buyers guide: Toyota Premio vs Toyota Axio

Source: Royal Max Motors

Toyota Premio and Axio Similarities.     

  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear power windows
  • Have a rack and pinion steering type where the Premio has an Electric power system and Axio with Electric Motor. (For more info about steering systems refer back to our previous articles)
  • ABS
  • Medium boot area.
  • Both have a similar engine type.
  • Both can be 4WD or 2 WD.
  • The rear camera and power windows.
  • Sedan body type.
  • GPS system.
  • 3 box body types i.e engine area, passenger area, and boot area are separate.

The mentioned similarities are just but a few from a large sample.

Toyota Premio and Axio differences.

Toyota Premio has been in the market since 2001 while Toyota Axio’s first model came to the market in 2006. In a twist, the Premio is categorized as a luxury car while the Axio is a family car.

  • Toyota Axio has engine options of 1500CC, 1500CC hybrid, and 1800CC while Toyota Premio options are 1500CC, 1800CC, and 2000CC. Toyota Premio doesn’t have the hybrid option.
  • Toyota Premio has a V cylinder configuration while Axio has an in-line cylinder configuration.
  • Toyota Premio has a larger fuel tank as compared to the Axio. Both can carry a fuel capacity of over 50 liters.
  • Toyota Premio has power between 109 to 158 ps while Axio has 95 up to 144 ps at 6000rpm. Premio models produce higher torque and rpm as compared to Axio models.
  • Toyota Premio has a 1500cc engine displacement while Axio has a 1300cc engine displacement.
  • A foreign used Toyota Premio is more expensive than an Axio. A Premio model can sell for more than Ksh 2 million. In the local market, the cost of both cars varies depending on the make and condition of the car.

Based on the provided information, what car would be your pick if told to choose between the two?

Toyota Axio: Front and Rear images
Toyota Premio front and rear image
Picture courtesy of Vincent Simatei

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