Driving Tricks on Muddy Terrains

Image Courtesy of Land Rover Kenya

Driving through a muddy terrain can be both adventurous and scary. Adventurous in a sense that the uncertainty of what’s going to happen is what really gives you an adrenaline thrill. The scary part is having to deal with a messy predicament, getting stuck.

This article will outline some few tips that will help you tackle a muddy terrain.

1. Bring Proper Tyres 

Specifically built mud tyres provide a higher percentage of assurance when dealing with mud. All-terrain tyres are effective but limited to extreme mud. Once you have the right tyres, assess their PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) to ensure they are properly inflated. With proper PSI, the entire weight of your vehicle pushes the tyres through the mud and enhances traction on the ground. If the pressure is too low or high, maximum traction won’t be acquired.

2. Go Easy on the Accelerator and Brake

Tyres require constant moderate speed to effectively adjust to the terrain. Doing so will make you lose grip on the ground. Going hard on the accelerator will lead to your tyres spin, same case on the brakes will make your car to skid.

3. Use a Lower Gear

Shift down to a lower gear, preferably a second or third gear to keep a steady pace on a muddy stretch. This enables your engine and wheels to work harder (Lower revs and better traction with horsepower).

4. Don’t Drive Along the Track Lines

Pick a path that is either free of tire tracks or where the tracks aren’t deep. The deeper the tracks, the higher your chances of getting stuck. You can assess the tracks and mud proportion to determine if your vehicle’s ground clearance is enough to facilitate your movement and handling.

Image courtesy of Land Rover Kenya

5. Engage 4WD and Traction Control

Turn on this feature if your car doesn’t engage them automatically. This feature eases movement through mud and where you find the group quite steep. However, if you get stuck turn off the feature as it’ll hinder climbing out of the mud.

Image courtesy of Land Rover Kenya

If you get stuck in the mud, try this:

  • Place cardboards in front of the wheels to give the tyres extra grip. You can also use car mats for similar effect
  • You can opt to dig yourself out.
  • Assess the situation and possible lines where you can be towed out of the mud easily.

After having fun in the mud, don’t forget to wash off the underneath of your car. Ensure you get rid of the mud and dirt to maintain a healthy condition of your car’s underneath. This is a possible way to prevent chipping of underneath paint and rusting.













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