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Who we are

Magari Carlture is an automotive digital content publisher founded by Bob wa Magari, Esnah Moraa, Kelvin Ngeno and Alex Mwanzo . Magari Carlture Company is registered in Kenya and as for now it has grown strategically in the East Africa Countries. We have established a strong digital presence in social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram. On all these platforms Magari Carlture has established projects that are impacting people’s lives.

Magari Carlture Company’s humble beginning is attributed to the four founders’ enthusiasm for cars and this was the beginning of a wonderful shared experience that has created a digital presence across 4 platforms. Our goal is to connect car enthusiasts together and to provide a forum where ideas and stories about vehicles are openly and ethically shared. We are goal-oriented and we are strategically developing across the region of the East African Community. We believe that together we can do more and achieve more

#SpaceYaMagari Project

Magari Carlture runs and Manages the #SpaceYaMagari Project This is a Digital platform that connects car enthusiasts together every Monday on the Twitter Spaces Platform. If you really want to hear a thing or two about cars, technologies, maintenance tips and more kindly tune in #SpaceYaMagari on Twitter every Monday.

#SpaceYaMagari Weekly Newsletter.

 Every week #SpaceYaMagari provides exclusive content about cars and maintenance tips to our growing community directly to your inbox.

On the newsletter we compile best tips for you, as we are sharing different contents from Twitter Space Session ranging from Car reviews, to maintenance tips for your vehicle. To access it kindly subscribe to our newsletter here: #SpaceYaMagari-Newsletter

Automotive News/ Blog/ & Website

 We have content-rich writers who are passionate and experienced in automotive contents. Here you will experience automotive reviews, Automotive maintenance tips and technical features for your vehicle or vehicles that you aspire to purchase in the future.