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A vehicle’s centre of gravity is the theoretical point where the sum of all the masses of each of its individual components effectively acts.

How does the centre of gravity affect cars? It helps to determine vehicle stability, braking efficiency and safety. During acceleration or braking, the centre of gravity acts over the force distribution between the tyres. This balance of forces enables the braking system to work when forward forces are reduced.

Cars with a centre of gravity include vehicles like SUVs, vans & school buses that have a high centre of gravity, and these vehicles are more likely to roll over than vehicles with a lower centre of gravity. While turning if the centre of gravity is not accurate the vehicle can roll over on the turn.A wider wheel base can be a potential solution to deal with a higher centre of gravity vehicle. The height of a automobile’s centre of gravity is crucial.A high centre of gravity eg cargo pile up high increasing the possibility of the vehicle tipping over.

Carrying weight up high,such as a panaromic sunroof will raise a vehicle’s centre of gravity while placing heavy subsystems low in a vehicle such as a battery pack will work to lower it.Lower centre of gravity is better for handling as it reduces weight transfer during  cornering and breaking,and it also reduces propensity to roll over.

Cars with low centers of gravity such as Race cars have really low centres of gravity so that they can corner rapidly without turning over,it must be as low as possible because all accelerative forces, braking & cornering work through it.

Fun fact;the subaru BRZ has the lowest centre of gravity of any production car in the world at just 18.1 inches.

By lowering your suspension,your also lowering wind resistance and the car’s centre of gravity.This translates to the car being able to drive faster & reduced roll over risk.



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Rising F1 analyst🔥💯 Your car plug for both locally & foreign used vehicles 0745656712 is my business line

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