Kenya Bans Importation of Second-Hand Buses and Trucks


The Kenyan government has issued a ban on the importation of second-hand buses and trucks into the country, this move will most definitely have a negative effect on the used cars importation industry but at the same time will impact the local vehicle assembly companies and the people that will work for them positively.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards issued a statement stating: “KEBS wishes to inform all stakeholders and the general public that effective on July 1st, 2022, all used passenger minibusses, minibusses, large buses, single and bi-articulated buses business and double-decker buses shall not be allowed for importation into the country.” said KEBS in a statement.

However used passenger micro buses of up to 7 meters overall length shall continue to be imported, but strictly under the country’s 8yr rule.

KEBS has further detailed that the vehicles must meet the Euro4 emissions standard that is intended to curb the emission of nitrogen(iv)oxide into the environment, with potential buyers advised to seek clarification.

Industry players in the used car importation sector say the move will affect the business especially given the short notice that comes with the directive.

Rita Kavashe the Isuzu East Africa Managing Director on behalf of the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Association(KVMA), in a statement, welcomed the move by the government saying that they have the capacity to meet the local demand, having produced 5300 units last year, she also added that this move will create employment for the people who will work in the sector

This directive by the government will bring positive changes in the car industry, create jobs, improve the economy and also improve road safety.


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