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The Mobius 3


Kenya has always had a dream of having our own home grown car and Mobius Motors has paved way for that dream to be actualized.

Joel Jackson is the founder and CEO of Mobius Motors. Mobius initially started its operations in Kilifi to Mombasa then to their current showroom in Sameer Business Park, Nairobi.

They first creations of Mobius that is Mobius 1, Mobius 2 1st and 2nd generation did not resonate very well with the Kenyan Market.

The feedback they got took them back create the vehicle that has caught everyone by storm, MOBIUS 3!!

Courtesy of Mobius Motors

The Mobius 3 is built to tackle different road terrains of Africa/Kenya.This is a car that you’ll take to the office everyday,or even run your day-to-day errands with the utmost ease,comfort,luxury & class. Not only that, its a SUV that is capable of tackling the off road terrain very well, whether you want to go camping with the family or take a drive with the boys or the girls,the Mobius 3 is not limited. Safety features of the Mobius 3 include driver & passenger airbags, anti lock brakes, child seat anchors to keep our babies safe while travelling and also seat belts with pre-tensioners and other fantastic safety features. The infotainment system has a floating style high definition 12 inch touch screen display which offers intuitive user control such as Bluetooth, multimedia & USB allows you to listen to music and receive calls while still being able to focus on the road. The mobius 3 has a detouchable roof which allows you to enjoy the fresh air while on those long drives either to the coast or any other part of the country. The 221millimetres ground clearance of the Mobius 3 will allow you to navigate the different terrains of the country,also the wheels are built to be able to absorb any form of road imperfections so as to give you that comfortable drive.

Courtesy of Mobius Motors

Courtesy of Mobius Motors

The Mobius 3 comes into 2 engine derivatives;

(1) 2litre turbo petrol that produces 165kilowatts & 370NM of torque that is sent to the 4 wheels courtesy of a 6 speed auto gear box, fuel consumption for the turbo petrol vaires at 10.1 litres per 100km this figure varies according to the weight of the vehicle and other factors.

(2) 2 litre turbo diesel that produces 110 kilowatts & 315NM of torque that is sent to the 4 wheels courtesy of a 6 speed manual transmission.You can get maximum peak power from around 1750rpm all the way to about 3000rpm,fuel consumption for the diesel manual  varies at 8.1litre for 100km this also depends on the weight of the vehicle and other factors.

With its fully selectable 4├Ś4 modes(mud,sand,rock), high ground clearance and wishbone coil suspension set up in front and 5 link coil springs in the rear allow this car to have good on road and off road capabilities ensuring the wheel are firmly planted on the ground while at the same time absorbing all road imperfections giving that smooth drive.

The Mobius 3 is a car that has been well thought out and i personally love it. It’s retail goes for 3.9M which comes with a 3yr 60,000KM warranty,asset financing is also available,minor service for both petrol and  diesel will cost you roughly 12500KSHs & is done at every 8000KM,the major service is done at every 30k KM and will cost you roughly 25000KSHs.

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