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Electric cars charging station, electric vehicle concept 3d rendering


What is an electric vehicle these are vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by power and don’t necessarily depend on gasoline or petrol for them to run?


With rising the cost of fuel car manufacturers, car dealers, and car enthusiasts have now opted for electric vehicles. And there is a clear indication by vision 2040 that almost all vehicles on the highways and rural areas will be fully electrified as it is cheap and easy to maintain.


Here in Kenya government is planning that 5% of their electric car share by 2025 out of the total 5% will be electric. And various efforts have been made in the same direction with kenGen and KPLC is planning to create more electric charging networks. Streets of Nairobi now are changing infrastructure to include charging ports for cars The tail end of all this is to minimize pollution


Apart from being cheap and easy to maintain there are some shortages that come with electric vehicles one being the high cost of importation it is very expensive to buy and import an electric. Also when you consider getting it from local Electric manufacturers like opibus it’s still very expensive.


Another challenge facing electric cars yes the government is trying to set up more charging stations but for now, they are very limited and that is what is scaring Kenyans from this.


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