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A Car water pump is a component of a car that helps the cooling system of the car by pushing cool fluids in the engine

It’s able to move by the help of the belt from the crankshaft pulley or sprocket of the car. It has impeller blades with use of centrifugal force that move the fluids(coolant) into the cooling system though different passages and hoses.

Coolant within the engine will get heated up as it flows in, then move through the hoses to the radiator where as it moves through, it gets cooled down and flows again into the water pump for the same process.

This process loses tiny to no amounts of coolant if the cooling system and water pump are all in perfect condition. That is why its advised to change your coolant after 3 to 5y ears and also water pump after about 150,000kms

However, in the event that you top up coolant a lot or your car over heats then there is a problem with the cooling system or the water pump.

In the event that it is the water pump, these could be the signs that’s its faulty

  • A grinding or whining noise
  • Coolant leakage
  • Vibrations at the engine front or the fan
  • Steam coming out of the hood
  • Water pump rust

Common causes of water pump failure are

  • Worn out bearings
  • Poor belt tension that’s may lead to bending of the impeller shaft
  • Mixing of coolants or using a wrong type. This destroys the seals

Maintaining one in good condition is usually to have the right coolant for your car. Normally with a faulty water pump, it’s advisable to replace the whole part rather than going for repairs. It’s also cheap to purchase and better to get it from the right sources to avoid fake products. But at the time of replacing the timing belt, its better you also replace the water pump and have two new components at the `same time.

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