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#SpaceYaMagari Drive – A Worthy Cause.


The date is 18th October 2021. A group of people is eagerly waiting for a newborn baby. Expectations are rife, emotions are high. Efforts put in a few months earlier are bearing fruit and the fruit is due on this day.

Space Ya Magari is the name of this baby. The hashtag is #SpaceYaMagari. This is a community of all car enthusiasts and lovers where knowledge and ideas are shared. This does not lock out car newbies. In fact, they are the greatest beneficiaries as they get to learn a lot about cars. We have a great forum where they can ask anything and everything about cars and then get answers from different experts. Where there is a need to have their vehicle assessed by a specialist, the owners are referred to the said specialists.

At the forefront, we have Bob Maina alias Bob wa Magari, Esnaa Moraa alias Madam SG, Kelvin Ng’eno alias Kevo 254, and Alex Mwanzo who goes by many aliases such as Makanika, Jalopy Collector e.t.c. who have all provided great leadership to the community. We launched our website which has automotive content ranging from car news to car reviews. Behind the website is a fantastic team comprising of our able developer, a team of great authors, and awesome editors. website

Mondays 7:00 p.m. was originally the time when we held our Spaces on Twitter. In these spaces, we discuss various automotive topics where we bring in experts in the respective automotive fields. Anyone is free to join the spaces now held at 7:30p.m. every Monday. The topic of discussion is usually communicated way in advance via our Twitter Page. The same is also relayed via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Listeners can request the microphone to contribute to the topic of discussion or even ask a question. You can catch all the recorded spaces here:

So far, we have made a positive impact in the motoring scene albeit little. As we celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we seek to give back to the community. We have planned a Charity Drive to Happy Life Children’s Home at Juja Farm on Sunday the 20th of November, 2022. In this regard, we appeal to all of you to support us as we touch a child’s life. You can make your donation in cash or by giving dry foodstuff. The dropoff point for the foodstuff is at Happy life children’s home – Juja or at Happy life children’s home – Roysambu.

You can also send your donation via our Till number: 9703197 – Magari Culture 2.

If you wish to attend the event, add it to your calendar here:

We also encourage corporates to sponsor the event. For more information, email:

Be blessed as your plan to support this worthy cause.

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Young Lawyer with a passion for vehicles.
Upcoming Motor Journalist.
L'écriture est ma passion.
Nissan Patrol Y 62 is the goal.

Karimi Junior
the authorKarimi Junior
Young Lawyer with a passion for vehicles. Upcoming Motor Journalist. L'écriture est ma passion. Nissan Patrol Y 62 is the goal.

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